Beard Transplantation

Beard transplantation is the operation of transplanting the hair follicles extracted from the donor site to the beardless areas on the face of men.  During this operation, hair follicles are generally extracted from the back of the hair area.  If there are not enough follicles on the back of the hair, different parts of the body can also be chosen as the donor.  Beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia.

Personalized beard and mustache transplantation is planned by a team of experts having 25 years of experience in their fields.  Men can be beardless due to many reasons.  Also, some people can have a deformity in their beard shape although they grow a beard.  Beard transplantation operations are a definite remedy that will provide a natural appearance based on the requests of the patients. After the operation, an aesthetic appearance can be provided in areas where beard does not grow or where beards grow sparsely.

How Beard Transplantation is Performed?

Beard transplantation is performed under local anesthesia, by transplanting the hair follicles extracted from the donor site to the planned area.

The stages of beard transplantation are as follows;

  1. Preliminary Examination and Planning of Beard Transplantation

Each beard transplantation is a personally planned process. First of all, the area where the patient’s hair follicles will be extracted and the areas where they will be transplanted are determined in the preliminary examination.  The method to be applied is planned during the preliminary examination according to the current condition and requests of the patient.  After this stage, if the area where hair follicles will be extracted and the area to be transplanted are shaved, the process will be more comfortable.

  1. Extracting Hair Follicles from the Donor Site

The next stage of beard transplantation is to extract the hair follicles from the donor site using the FUE method. Incisions that are too small to be seen in the area are formed and all hair follicles are extracted one by one.

  1. Opening Channel in the Area to be Transplanted

Channels are opened in the area to be transplanted in Istanbul hair transplantation operations, as in beard transplantation. The angle of channel is very important in order to provide a natural look.  The hair follicles in the chin area open to the front, and the hair follicles in the lower part of the chin open towards the neck area. The angle should be determined accurately in order to obtain the natural slope during the channel opening process.

  1. Planting the Grafts in the Area Where Beard will Be Transplanted

The last stage of the beard transplantation operation is the placement of the grafts extracted from the donor site to the beardless area.  It is necessary to be careful and fast during beard transplantation. The extracted hair follicles lose their function if they are kept for a long time.  For this reason, the hair follicles should be placed in the area to be transplanted as soon as possible.

What to Be Careful About Before the Beard Transplantation?

Before the beard transplantation, there are some issues that the patient should take into consideration to increase the success of the operation and improve the comfort;

  • Beard transplantation is not performed if the patient has infectious diseases such as Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV.
  • It is recommended that the patient eats light meals and avoids heavy meals before beard transplantation.
  • If the patient uses blood thinners, it should be suspended for a while in consultation with the doctor.
  • Beard transplantation can be performed in patients with heart disease, diabetes and blood pressure problems provided that the doctor’s approval is obtained.
  • Patients are required to stop drinking alcohol and smoking before the procedure for the success of operation.
  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes that can be taken off easily for the comfort of the transplantation area on the day of beard transplantation.

When Can Beard Transplantation Be Performed?

Beard transplantation can be performed for beard losses experienced due to an ailment or trauma such as injury, burns, and for the thickening of existing beards.

The cases when beard transplantation can be performed are generally as follows;

  • There may be deformities in the person’s beard shape. In recent years, men have been getting beard transplantation support to fix the deformities in their existing beards.
  • Beard may not grow in areas with scars or burns. In this case, patients can have a bearded appearance in the beardless area through beard transplantation. There should be no tissue loss in the area for beard transplantation in burns and scars.
  • Transplantation can be performed for those who want to get rid of the beardless appearance that lasts for many years in patients having a beardless area.
  • Some people may have congenital beard sparseness. In such cases, transplantation can be planned to make the favorite appearance smooth, reduce the sparseness and have more dense beards.
  • Beard and mustache transplantation operations for aesthetic purposes can be planned in patients who receive hormone therapy after the gender transitioning.

What to Be Careful About After the Beard Transplantation?

After the beard transplantation, a certain period of time should pass to achieve the expected result. There are some issues that the patient should be careful about after the operation to get the ultimate result early and increase the success of operation;

  • Products containing alcohol such as perfume and cologne should not be applied to the area of transplantation for 20-30 days.
  • The beard should not be shaved for at least 1 month after the transplantation operation. After this period, the beard should be trimmed with a single pair of scissors. It is necessary to wait 3-4 months for shaving the beard with a machine or a razor.
  • The person may have mild pain and sensitivity complaints for 2-3 days after the beard transplantation. This can be solved very comfortably by taking basic painkillers.
  • In order not to damage the area where the beard is transplanted, the patient should take care to lie on his back for a while.

Beard transplantation is also planned specifically for the patient. The most suitable method is selected depending on the current condition of the patient, the donor site’s condition and the patient’s budget and demands.

How Much Does the Beard Transplantation Cost?

The number of grafts to be transplanted, the width of the area of transplantation, the method to be used and the difficulty of the procedure in the transplantation operation and the experience of hair transplantation specialist are among the important factors in determining the beard transplantation prices.

Beard transplantation operations in Istanbul are planned individually at hair transplantation centers.  You can contact us to get information on beard transplantation prices and further details.

Beard transplantation can be performed in case of aesthetic concerns in every individual whose adolescence period ends.  Beard transplantation can be performed in all seasons provided that it is protected from sunlight in summer and from cold in winter.  Patients who want to have a good-looking face can apply to our center.